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Frequently Asked Questions

Voucher codes enable you to save money on your online shopping. Also called discount codes, promotional codes or e-vouchers, they are a great to save money at many online retailers.

Voucher codes are really simple to use, made especially easy at Vouchercomparison.com. If the offer is a voucher code it will be displayed on the offer page, simply click reveal code and copy the code that has been revealed. Then click "take me to the offer" and paste the code you copied from www.vouchercomparison.com at the checkout area once you are ready to make your purchase.

 Absolutely not, we are a totally free to use consumer service and always will be

 Your discount will be applied to your basket after you enter the code in the relevant box during the checkout process

 Check the expiry date on the offer page

 Using Vouchercomparison.com you can make savings in many different ways, whether this be by using a Voucher Code, an Offer, a Cashback deal or a Daily Deal you will be saving either way. All offer codes vary in terms of their value, but the best thing is you WILL be saving.

If your code didn't work please do let us know so we can check out the problem and remove it from the site to prevent further disappointment. Please be assured we will take up the problem with the retailer but there is rarely anything we can do, but we appreciate being told of the problem

A code is a specific online offer that needs to be used to receive the discount and usually needs to be used each time an online order is made. An offer is a promotion that usually does not require a specific code to be entered to receive the offer, you will be taken to the offer page when using the link "take the offer"

Just click “Take the offer” on the deal details page and you will be redirected to the offer on the retailers site

 Just click “My Account” on the top right of the page and then “My Details” where you will be able to review and amend any details you entered when you registered

 At Vouchercomparison.com we work with the widest range of retailers to bring our users the best offers. However not all retailers offer codes or deals all of the time, so you may not find an offer with the retailer right now.


If you can’t find an offer at Vouchercomparison.com  it is very likely that there isn’t one available right now, Please feel free to pop us over an email and one of our team will be pleased to search for some offers for you.

It's a quick and easy way to find the right voucher for you. Here at www.vouchercomparison.com we hope to be the one stop shop for all vouchers and deals whilst making it easier for our consumers to save money. 

  1. Please use the search bar to find the Retailer or Product that you would like a voucher or offer for. (You can also visit the homepage for our latest offers)
  2. Once you have selected the Retailer you will need to click "Compare prices"
  3. This will then run a comparison on all the offers we have in our database for this Retailer or Product
  4. Once you have seen the offer you like click "Go"
  5. You will then be taken to the offer page where you can then click "Take the Offer" or "Compare prices" if you do not think this offer is suitable.
  6. Once you have clicked "Take the Offer" you will be directed to the correct page on the website.
  7. If there is a code for this offer you will need to copy the code and then paste it in the checkout area of the website once you have made your purchase.


If you have any problems or the offer doesnt work, please do not hesitate to contact us and a member of our team will get back to you.